How to utilize automated email marketing tools

How to utilize automated email marketing tools

How much time do you spend on your email marketing every day, doing the same chores for various subscribers? We’re here to let you know that email automation is a viable alternative to manual marketing efforts. If you want to reach your goals and see a return on your investment, you’re unlikely to do so without using some form of automated email marketing tools. Hire an email marketing automation agency to get the full potential of this service.

Before we jump into the utilization of automated email marketing tools, let’s know what email automation is?

When it comes to automated email marketing, that’s simply a sequence of emails sent out on your behalf. You can set up an autoresponder to send emails based on how your audience interacts with your business and when they last interacted with it. You can link your email marketing automation solution and website analytics to targeting customers based on their activity, preferences, and previous transactions. Thus, your automated email marketing will have greater relevance because it may be tailored to suit the needs of each customer.

Your communications should not be regarded as spam to be effective while sending out automated emails. Instead, your audience has chosen to get high-quality, personalized content. Modern automated email marketing software is easy to use while yet offering a wide range of features.

Here are a few pointers to make your new automated email plan go as smoothly as possible. So, how to utilize the best email marketing automation?

Track responses to collect more information:

Every time you send an automated email, you have the chance to acquire important information from each consumer. You can discover whether or not the individual has Opened the email, and Visits your website by clicking the link provided. After taking advantage of a promotional offer, the customer purchases a recommended item and browse your site. Everything you discover about your customers can help you target your automated emails. If your recipients aren’t opening your discount emails or clicking on your recommendations, you may want to try something else.

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Offer discounts or offers to create FOMO:

One of the most common causes for customers to abandon their shopping carts is the high delivery costs. You can’t do rid of shipping costs or make your rates as low as possible, but you can give out discount coupons or promo codes to persuade people to spend money they might not otherwise. This is a powerful tactic if used properly, but be wary about overusing it. You risk alienating customers by offering too many discounts, who will come to anticipate them.

A great subject line:

Email campaigns triggered by recipients’ actions, such as opening an email, nonetheless require attention-grabbing subject lines if they are to be opened. Hire an email marketing business to assist you with writing an effective subject line.

Use a great copy:

Your automated emails must inspire the preference for the conversion action, and there may be no preferred way to do this than with appealing, benefit-focused copy. Copywriting formulae like the PAS formula and the BAB formula are two that we often employ in our email campaigns and that you should look into. To help you produce email copy that converts, employ these five persuasive methods instead of formulas that don’t quite fit your message.

Measure your result:

Most email marketing systems include detailed information on email-related metrics such as openings, clicks, and so on. Some may even show you a live map of where your email is being read around the world. Nevertheless, to effectively measure and maximize the performance of your automated email, you must go beyond these measures and look at the core figures that are important to your organization. We’ve created a free Google Analytics dashboard so you can see how effective your email marketing is at a glance.

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With the use of automation, you can send customized emails to the new as well as to the recurring visitors. Email automation and customer analytics work together to improve your targeting every time you send a message, allowing you to grow your business without sacrificing your unique personal touch. Engage the services of an email marketing agency to help you monitor your results or have them handled for you.


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