Bodhi Ransom Green Early Life, Wiki/Bio, Relationship

Bodhi Ransom Green Early Life, Wiki/Bio, Relationship Fans of pop culture adore Megan Fox in the most literal sense. With the Transformers movie series’ debut in 2007, Megan Fox has been having a lot of success. Bodhi Ransom Green and Noah Ransom Green are her two children. The truth is that Megan Fox adores her family, something other people are unaware of.

Bodhi Ransom Green Wiki:

Name Bodhi Ransom Green
Date of birth 12th February 2014
Birth Place California, Los Angeles, United States
Age 9 years (2023)
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Education Home Schooling
Profession Not yet
Height 4feet 1inch
Weight 30kg
Hobbies Playing, traveling
Net worth $300K


Brian Green and Megan Green have two adorable kids. In this article, we provide in-depth details about their 7-year-old son Bodhi Ransom Green. Megan Fox and Brian Green are being pursued by the paparazzi nonstop. From now on, their kids will be covered by the media.

Fair enough, these celebrities have made an effort to keep the kids out of the spotlight. So, without further ado, let’s learn more about Bodhi Ransom Green.

Early Life

After a few years of his birth, he started to gain some popularity, and Also started to come across as lot smarter. He is a well-known figure in H-Town. Megan, a Buddhist, said that her faith “enlivened” him. The meaning of the word “bodhi,” which connotes being “stirred or ignited,” is rooted in the Buddhist goal of developing a more profound understanding of reality. After meeting Brian Austin Green on the “Hope & Faith” shoot in 2004, Megan Fox started dating the actor. Green was 12 years older than Megan Fox and was already a parent with Vanessa Marcil, an ex-accomplice performer.

They decided to get active in Brian Austin’s life in 2006. They nevertheless finished it in November 2006. The two rekindled their romance on June 1, 2010, following a brief hiatus.

On June 24, 2010, they got hitched. The couple’s second child was initially announced by ‘TooFab’. Bodhi made his public debut in May 2014 on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” hosted by Megan Fox. In August 2015, Megan formally separated from her husband and requested joint custody of their children. Nonetheless, by 2016, the couple had resolved their problems and had welcomed a new child into the family.

The overwhelming amount of media attention and questionable photographers that Bodhi Payment Green has had to deal with as a child is her persistent pursuit by Megan Fox. His parents had a strong reaction to this, expressing their annoyance at their kids’ security breach.

Physical Appearance 

He is 3 foot 7 inches tall and weighs 24 pounds. He has light hair and blue eyes, and it’s hard to tell how much he’s changed since we last saw him. Bodhi Ransom Green is eight years old. To determine whether and when he has the proper body highlights, we’ll look at his component parts. He frequently dons shirts, jeans, and other outfits from her closet.

He is, nonetheless, the progeny of a famous celebrity. Because of his lovely grin and endearing demeanor, all he owns and any remaining assets ought to be legal.

He is really fond of his toys, especially his teddy bear. The little bear dozes off and sleeps peacefully all the time. He looks after the servants and rinses after himself; his parents frequently hire him as a separate home cleaning (the toddlers).

Zodiac Sign Bodhi ransom green

According to astrologers, having an Aries in one’s zodiac sign typically portends the beginning of something great and tumultuous.

They look for lively, fast-paced environments where they can compete, whether it be at work or social gatherings.

Because of its connection to the planet Mars and its fire sign, Aries is one of the astrology’s most ardent signs, along with Leo and Sagittarius. Those born on the ram’s birthdate are prone to acting hastily because of the ram’s tendency to do so.

Academic Life Bodhi ransom green

Bodhi has always been homeschooled and now uses self-study techniques to learn alongside other family members.

He is still learning, therefore it is challenging to forecast who he will become when he has fully developed. In any case, we sincerely hope that everything he accomplishes with his life will be fruitful, as great people are supposed to be.


By sharing a picture of her child on Instagram, Megan Fox has won over fans from all over the world. Several people were inspired by Megan’s decision to name her child after the two religions she practices, Buddhism and Judaism.

Based on the Buddhist idea that reality should be understood more thoroughly, the word “bodhi,” which means “aroused or enlivened,” was coined.

Bodhi Rain, Teresa Palmer’s child with fellow Australian entertainer Tom Flynn, is renowned for receiving excellent parenting from his famous parents. At the same time, they worked to keep him hidden from view.

Relationship Status 

Bodhi Rani Green is too young to be in a close relationship of any type. Green, who was born in 2004 at Hope and Faith, grew up with his parents and siblings, all of whom go by the names Megan and Austin.

When Austin married actress Vanessa Marcil, Megan’s mother-in-law, he was 12 years Megan’s senior. Even though they clicked right away after meeting, it took them several months before they decided to live together as husband and wife.

Despite significant issues in their relationship, Megan and Austin got married in 2006. Nonetheless, they did plan to go on a lengthy vacation apart starting in November.

Siblings Bodhi ransom green

Not all of Fox and Green’s children are named Bodhi. He is one of three children; his older brother, Noah, was born in 2012, and his younger brother, Journey, was born in 2016. Bodhi also has a half-brother named Kassius, who was conceived in 1999 while his father was dating Vanessa Marcil.

Bodhi’s youngest half-brother is named Zane Walker. On June 28, 2022, Green and his current partner Sharna Burgess welcomed their first child. The actor marked the occasion by sharing their baby’s birth on Instagram.

Fox and Machine Gun Kelly recently got married, so having another sibling could happen soon (MGK). The couple is raising the children from previous relationships, but they eventually want to start a family of their own.

Using a Colombian emerald cut into the shape of a teardrop and a diamond from jeweler Stephen West, MGK proposed to Fox beneath a banyan tree. The magnificent occasion was recorded and posted on Instagram, where it earned a number of likes and remarks from friends and followers.

Parenting by Megan Fox has been critiqued

The American film industry and media have made Megan Fox a sexual icon. Megan has three sons and aims to provide them with equal opportunities. Megan claimed that she would want her children to be raised in a unisex family. Certain tabloids published inaccurate and disparaging material about Megan. Megan stopped bringing her children with her anytime she left the house.

Megan responded angrily to repeated criticisms of her parenting by asking, “Do you ask their father where his children are while he’s out?” “No, because you don’t expect a father to be constantly there with his children, but I’m supposed to be invisible and at home with my children.” She declared In Style

As the fashionista that she is, Megan encourages her children to wear whatever they like, regardless of societal norms. This will boost her children’s self-esteem.

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FAQs about Bodhi Ransom Green Early Life, Wiki/Bio, Relationship

What is her name?

Megan Fox, whose full name is Megan Denise Fox, is an American actress best known for her roles in action films, including the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchises.

How ancient is bodhi green?

He will be nine years old in February 2023, having been born on February 12, 2014.

What is Brian Austin Green’s identity?

Brian Austin Green (born July 15, 1973) is an American actor, rapper, television personality, and podcaster widely recognized for his portrayal as David Silver on the television series Beverly Hills, 90210. (1990–2000).


We have discussed about Bodhi Ransom Green Early Life, Wiki/Bio, Relationship Bodhi Ransom Green has gained much public prominence as the son of Brian Green and Megan Fox. Bodhi has captivated us with his charming expressions. We can only imagine how entertaining he is to be around. Megan and Brian share the good fortune of having such children. This essay ought to have introduced you to Bodhi Ransom Green.

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