Dennys Menu Items & Prices For Breakfast In 2022

The eating of food is one of man’s fundamental requirements; yet, not all food is fit for human consumption. Because of this, I believe it is important to bring to your attention the breakfast menu at Dennys Menu With Prices.

The meals at Denny’s Menu With Prices have all of the necessary components, and the restaurant has achieved the pinnacle of culinary perfection with its selections. It is important to take notice that the breakfast menu at Denny’s restaurant has a wide selection of mouthwateringly delicious treats.
When compared to the prices of similar dishes offered at other restaurants located around the United States, those at Dennys Menu With Prices surprisingly affordable.

In addition to the fact that their meals are reasonably priced, they also provide value-added options for the convenience of their valued patrons. They known for giving free Grand Slam breakfasts to their clients on their birthdays as part of Denny’s free birthday promotion, which they extend to all of its customers.

Now, before we go on to discussing everything on Dennys Menu With Prices breakfast menu, I would want for you to look at the hours during which they serve breakfast.

First Category: Light And Airy Pancakes

Some of the meals that fall under the category of fluffy pancakes listed below.
The traditional pancake breakfast with tree leeches is $10.19, while the pancake breakfast with cinnamon rolls costs $10.29.

Breakfast of pancakes topped with salted caramel and banana cream for $10.29
Chococana Pancakes available for $8.99, Double Berry Banana Pancake Breakfast is available for $8.99, and Blueberry Pancake Breakfast is available for $8.69.

Coffee And Other Warm Beverages Make Up The Second Category

  • Coffee with a Signature Blend is available for $2.29
  • Cold Brew Coffee — $2.29 Signature Blend Decaf Coffee — $2.99 Cold Brew Coffee — $2.99 Cold Brew Coffee — Sweetened — $2.99 (Unsweetened)

$2.99 Hot Tea or Herbal Tea $2.29 Hot Chocolate $2.40 other beverages available at these prices with Dennys Coupon.

Category 3 Consists Of Steaks And Seafood

  • Sirloin with garlic and peppercorns costs $12.49.
  • Prices for various cuts of beef as follows: Sirloin Steak – $12.29 T-Bone Steak – $15.99 Country-Fried Steak – $12.59
  • Wild Alaska Salmon – $11.49 Grilled Haddock $11.49

Desserts Included Under The Fourth Category

Build Your Own Sundae for $3.29 Dulce De Leche Crunch Dessert Pancakes for $6.59 Milkshakes for $4.29 Chocolate Lava Cake for $3.29 Caramel Apple Pie Crisp for $3.59 New York Style Cheesecake for $3.99 Build Your Own Crepe for $3.29 Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe for $4.99 Dulce De Leche Crunch Dessert Pancakes for $6.59 Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe for.

$6.99 Category 5: Juice

Apple Juice – $2.79 Minute Maid Orange Juice – $2.79 10.2 percent Milk – $2.79 Chocolate Milk – $2.89 Groovy Mango Smoothie – $3.59 Strawberry Banana Bliss Smoothie – $3.59 Apple Juice – $2.39 Fresh Brewed Iced Tea – $2.39 Minute Maid Lemonade – $2.39 Minute Maid Mango.

Lemonade – $2.99 Groovy Mango

The Hearty Breakfast Slam costs $10.99, while the Moons over My Hammy costs $9.69, and The Grand Sandwich costs $9.99. Other items on the menu include Country Fried Steak and Eggs for $11.59, T-bone steak and Eggs for $15.99, Santa Fe Sizzlin’ Skillet for $9.59, and Santa Fe Sizzlin’ Skillet with Eggs for $9.59.

Loaded Breakfast Sandwich – $6.00 Berry Vanilla Crepe Breakfast – $9.99 Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe Breakfast – $9.99 Supreme Sizzlin’ Skillet – $9.69 Fit Fare Veggie Sizzlin’ Skillet – $9.6 Category 7: Authentic French Crepes Supreme Sizzlin’ Skillet – $9.69 Fit Fare Veggie Sizzlin’

Skillet – $9.6 Loaded Breakfast Sandwich – $6.00

  • Breakfast Crepes with Berry and Vanilla Filling – $9.99
  • Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe Breakfast – $9.99

Soft Drinks Fall Under the 8th Category

Prices vary as follows: $2.39 for Coca-Cola, $2.39 for Diet Coke, $2.39 for Sprite, $2.39 for Dr. Pepper, $2.39 for Fanta Orange, and $2.39 for Barq’s Root Beer, $2.39 for Hi-C Fruit Punch, and so on.

What Is The Name Of The Breakfast That Denny’s Is Most Well-Known For?

The Grand Slam Slugger is Dennys Menu With Price’s most well-known offering on the morning menu. The Grand Slam Slugger that they provide is very nutrient-dense; in point of fact, it is the epitome of what an ideal American breakfast should be like. The next time you visit Denny’s restaurant, place an order for the Grand Slam Slugger, and you will be glad that you did so.

The Special Breakfast At Dennys

The Super Slam is the name of the breakfast dish that is included in Dennys Menu With Prices special. This dish consists of two pieces of bacon, two links of sausage, two eggs, hash browns, and buttermilk. This special breakfast is offered at a price that is quite reasonable. You’ll simply have to pay $6.99 to purchase it.

What Is The Least Expensive Meal That You Can Get At Dennys?

The Value Slam is Denny’s restaurant chain’s offering of their least expensive meal. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausage links, and buttermilk all included in this value Slam, which is offered at the low price of $4.49 just.

Is The Breakfast At Dennys Healthy To Eat?

The answer is yes, Denny’s Menu With Prices is really good for you.
Because it is a nutritious food that is appropriate for people of all ages. Its cuisine has withstood the test of time.

Which Menu Item At Dennys Is Considered To Be The Healthiest Option?

At Denny’s Menu With Prices, you may purchase many of the healthiest foods available. Some of which include: Fit Fare Wild Alaskan Salmon, and Fit Fare Loaded Vegetable Omelettes. Fit Fare Veggie Skillet, Soup, and salad. Avocado Chicken Caesar Salad. And many more nutritious dishes that too many to name.

Does Dennys Offer Egg Whites To Their Customers?

  • There are egg whites available at Denny’s.
  • Their egg whites have an excellent level of quality, which results in an exceptionally high level of nutrition.

Do Dennys Pancakes Have Milk?

  • Yes, Denny’s pancakes contain milk.
  • Their pancakes are both delicious for you.


To conclude this section’s material, I hope you were able to see Denny’s Menu With Prices along with the costs. Do you have additional questions about Denny’s restaurant? If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment box below, and while you’re there, be sure to read some of the relevant articles we’ve provided.


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