Everything about Christmas that you should know

Every festival that human beings celebrate has some secret, which many people and many people don’t know as well. You may love to celebrate the Christmas festival very much, but you may be very surprise by knowing the fact that there are some secrets about Christmas day as well. The things and information which you don’t know about Christmas, that information is very important to know for you. You may have many questions in your mind when you see some rituals, which other people are doing on Christmas, but you don’t know about it. So today we are going to tell you everything about Christmas.

The information which you are getting is not only very valuable for you. But it is going to stop you from doing those wrong things which you do on Christmas. Because you don’t know everything about Christmas. You are going to enjoy this Christmas very much because you have to do so many new things, about which you didn’t know before. 

No mention of 25th December 

You just think about how you are going to feel, when you get to know about it, that 25th December is not the actual date on which Jesus Christ was born. You may be shocked after knowing this, because you are cutting Christmas cake on this day every year, with a lot of joy and happiness. The actual day on which Jesus Christ was born was lost in history. There are many reasons why this day is chosen by historians to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth.

The 25th coincides because, on this date, the pagan festival of Saturnalia is celebrate, which is honor towards agricultural god Saturn. The second thing is that people think that Jesus Christ mostly likes to be born in the month of spring. If you want to check the facts, then you can check the holy bible. You are not going to see the 25th in it. So there is no mention of 25th December in it, and that is one of the most important things, but many people don’t know about it. 

Thank Prince Albert for the Christmas tree 

People are very excited about celebrating Christmas, and the role of the Christmas tree in it is very important as well. But you may not know the origin story of the Christmas tree. So today we are going to tell you about the origin story of the Christmas tree. The Prince Albert of Germany gets a new tree for his new wife, who is none other than the Queen Victoria of England. The drawing of this incident was publish in the newspaper, and after that, it became viral all over the world. So after 1848, the Christmas tree was involve in the celebration of Christmas, and it became a major part of it as well. 

Dutch give the idea of leaving cookies and milk 

You may have seen and done this thing as well, that you leave cookies and milk for Santa. But do you know how this tradition starts for Christmas? If not then you don’t need to stress about it, because you are going to know about it from here. So this tradition is start by Dutch, they leave cookies and milk on December 6, on the occasion of St Nicholas feast day. You can buy cookies and milk online for doing this thing as you use the online site to send flowers to Noida. So this thing is taken by people for Christmas also, and they started to do the same thing for Christmas also. 

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Coca-cola played part in Santa’s image 

The Santa image which people see now is not the same as the previous time. Santa looked spookier before, but now it has become jolly. But Santa became jolly when in 1931 coca cola hired an illustrator named Haddon Sundblom to play the jolly old elf for magazine ads. So after these advertisements, kids started to see Santa as a funny and jolly one, and not have a nightmare about him as well. Also coca cola plays a very crucial role in this thing for sure. 

So now you know a lot more secrets about Christmas, which you didn’t know before. The facts and information which you know today may change your point of view toward Christmas. Because you get to know about Christmas day, Santa image, and many other things as well.  You are going to enjoy Christmas more joyfully and celebrate it with more fun, because of all these things. The things which you know, that is something which plays a very important role in making Christmas a wonderful festival to celebrate.

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