Spare Part Distributors Should Consider Goods-To-Person Systems

Spare Part Distributors Should Consider Goods To Person Systems

Aftermarket business is anything but an afterthought for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM). According to Industry Week,  aftermarket business represents 8% of the entire United States gross domestic product Spare Part Distributors (GDP) and can make up from 40% to 60% of the company’s total revenue.  Without a doubt, automation in material handling system is crucial in this modern age of technological innovations and advancements. New Spare Part Distributors Should Consider Goods-To-Person Systems.

Automation is essential because the competition in the market and customer demands are evolving with the speed of light. Moreover, the fallout of the pandemic outbreak is increasing the demands for robotics and automation in warehouses and distribution centers. Thanks to the computational innovations and robust artificial intelligence algorithms, Goods To Person Systems (GTP) systems came into being. These systems are an economical yet easy way to enforce social distancing within the warehouse premises. 

In addition, such systems also enhance the warehouse’s productivity, profitability, proficiency, accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. Therefore, these systems are desirable because of their easy implementation. Moreover, they are less invasive than other social distancing technologies, for example, those systems that track the movement of employees. 

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The G2P data is a part of a more extensive report of 2021 supply chain technology trends. It predicts hefty investment in advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities among supply chain organizations. The data depicts that 50% of the organizations plan such investments through the year 2024, majorly to meet the evolving demands to make better and informed decisions in a matter of seconds. 

This article discusses why goods-to-person (G2P) systems are the best fit for spare parts warehousing. So let’s dig deep into this article to know why such systems are great for spare part distributors. 

A High Number of SKU Stocked 

The number of stock-keeping units (SKUs) in spare part warehouses or distribution centers is often six figures! Yes, you read it right. Moreover, giving every stock-keeping unit (SKU) its forward location on the ground needs a large footprint, due to which pickers have to walk through long distances. That walk is entirely unnecessary and time-consuming. Thanks to goods to person systems because they utilize the vertical space of the warehouse building. That utilization of vertical space minimizes the forward picking footprint. It also provides quick access to the stock-keeping units (SKUs) within the system. Thus, it is the best automated material handling system.  

Unpredictable SKU Demands

There would be no wrong in saying that one cannot predict which parts will fail and when they will fail. This hard-to-predict failure of components leads the end-user to significant challenges when slot stock-keeping units (SKUs) in a suitable forward pick medium ( high-bay rack, shelving, carton flow, pallet flow). The requirement to slot vanishes with the acquisition of goods to person systems (GTP) systems. 

Lean Stocking Strategy 

A smaller number of units can represent several months or years for small parts according to their worth. That is why clients usually keep small quantities of a product in stock. Warehouse workers can store the entire stock-keeping units’ (SKUs) inventory inside a G2P system. It avoids the need for replenishment and reserve storage activity. 

Modest Fluctuation in Demand Across The Year 

Aftermarket sales usually do not face peaks and valleys in demand across a year, such as customer goods sales experience. Relatively steady demand combats the requirement of oversizing the capacity of the system. Moreover, it allows the clients to maintain a high system volume usage across the thoroughgoing year. 

Quick Order Turnaround  (Goods To Person Systems)

Typical equipment end-users wait to buy spare parts until their part(s) is no longer functioning and the equipment is not usable.  So, there is an association of high urgency most of the time with fulfilling spare part orders. One of the best-automated material handling solutions, goods-to-person (G2P), offers high throughput rates and swift responsiveness to assure that late charges still make it on the truck.  

Variations in Order Types and Sizes 

Aftermarket support comprises different customers, such as partner dealers, direct end-users, and other distributors. The service level and order sizes can significantly vary among different customer types. goods to person systems provide flexibility to clients to work on multiple order types, either independently or simultaneously. Such systems orchestrate the flow of work to enhance the business’s productivity and throughput.  


It is crystal clear from all the above that the Spare Part Distributors goods-to-person goods to person systems automation is crucial for every distribution center and warehouse globally. The acquisition and advent of such systems are unpredictable in this globe. According to the data from the Gartner industry analyst,  demands for robotic G2P material handling solutions are expected to quadruple in the upcoming two to three years in WMS automation as organizations all across the globe seek ways to enforce social distancing in warehouses. Hence G2P systems drive broader long improvements in productivity and efficiency while offering other advantages such as greater storage density. 

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McCombs-Wall Inc. Engineering( MWI) solutions is a well-known material handling equipment provider that designs and implements innovative, robust, and reliable forward-thinking material handling solutions. Such solutions play an essential role in improving the profitability, sustainability, proficiency, accuracy, and efficiency in the supply chain of the distribution center. In addition, they offer an extensive range of industry-leading technologies and services to various industries such as retails, e-commerce, food providers, aerospace, and more. 

McCombs-Wall Inc. Engineering offers automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), order carousels, mobile robots, and vertical lift modules inSpare Part Distributors Spare Part Distributors goods-to-person automation. Moreover, they provide conveyor systems, sortation systems, end of line automation, and other automated material handling equipment. Hence, you should not even think twice before considering MWI solutions as the potential partner for your subsequent warehousing or automation project.  

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