Things To DO During Grand Island Tour With Friends And Family

Originally known as Iha Grand, Grand Island Tour in Goa is one of the most sought after places, due to its tranquil and peaceful nature and the presence of a number of exciting activities such as snorkelling, dolphin spotting, and scuba diving.  Apart from it one of the most popular activities that can be done on a boat is to see dolphins.

In addition, the authorities can provide you with a rope and bait (if that is included in your pocket), and you can enjoy fishing on your own boat. The island is also known as Bat Island due to the presence of several bats that live in the area. Besides, Grande Island offers peace and quiet.

Playing Snorkelling at Monkey Beach on Grand Island:

Once you’re done exploring the inland and fishing grounds and seeing rare dolphins, the boat stops at the last resort for snorkelling and fishing. The best place to stand for this activity is the magnificent Monkey Beach. While some people prefer to sit in the sun with a rope and bait and try to fish with their hands; others prefer to dive into the sea and see the rich marine life. Armed with fishing gear and masks, volunteers were first directed by specialists before jumping into the freshwater. 

Considered one of the most enjoyable activities on the island, the experience is very enjoyable and invigorating, and you should definitely try it

Booking prices start at INR 1250 per person. However, if you are in a group of 10 or more people, you can request a discount. The operation is open between the months of October and March and the download time is approximately 8:00 AM.

Scuba Diving on Grand Island:

Scuba Diving is one of the most exciting activities available on Grand Island. There are several packages and deals available for you to make your reservation. Drowning in clear green waters and floating near the abundant and unusual fish and other aquatic animals is a supernatural and indescribable event. The work is done in front of trained professionals and directors and is completely safe. 

Volunteers were provided with scuba diving equipment, gears and masks from the authorities and were given a short tutorial before jumping into the sea.

If you associate Goa with scuba diving, snorkelling, diving, fishing, the Grand Island tour is the perfect place for you. The island is located west of the Mormugao peninsula in South Goa. To get there, only marine facilities are available. Grand Island is hit by scuba divers as the area is ideal for professionals and beginners. 

Other Activities

Apart from water sports, a trip to Grand Island will give you a relaxed and cool feeling. It is home to many unusual, inviting, and amazingly wonderful places. The journey will be once in a lifetime of unlimited entertainment. 

During the trip, you can see dolphins playing, see a variety of marine animals, go fishing, and catch caught fish converted into an attractive BBQ specially designed for you.

In addition to boating and the various water activities that will be on the Grand Island, visitors can create lovely memories that last a long time from snorkelling on Grand Island. The underwater world near Grand Island is Famous. And its magnificent beauty, a diverse school of fish, amazing dolphins, and many other beautiful sea creatures. A visit to the Grand Island will reveal the amazing secrets of its underwater life. See the amazing underwater world for the amazing snorkelling activity on Goa’s splendid Monkey Island.

You need to access the jetty boat from your hotel to start the exciting Grand Island Boat trip. Be sure to carry your cameras with you to capture beautiful scenes of a completely new size. Meet friendly dolphins that swim well in their natural habitat. 


If you crave more adventure, drop a line of fish, and catch extraordinary creatures. If you have enough view to see, indulge in a delicious BBQ mouth-watering drink and traditional Goan food presented to you on the Monkey beachfront to satisfy your taste and refresh you on the go.

Let us at Sea Water Sports take this opportunity to offer you our best snorkelling and fishing skiing. Because all the latest gear like diving masks, snorkels, and flippers will be provided for you. 

The technician will guide you through safety guidelines and snorkelling procedures that remember your safety. Please follow the instructions to keep yourself safe while driving and to bring back good memories of the trip. You can free yourself and immerse yourself in the beauty of this island. And no doubt this trip is a memory for lifelong. You will definitely want to return to enjoy yourself and your friends and family. Return transport, sightings of dolphins, underwater fishing, surfing, snacks, fruit included for the trip. Drinks, traditional Goan buffet, and BBQ delicacies are limitless. 

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The organisers of Goa Tours are on a boat trip to the island for 10+ years with a different travel plan. Also, They use their own boats to get started by picking up at 8:00 am at your North Goa hotel by trainer or non-ac sharing car.  All of our boats have full insurance and all safety features and take you on a Grand Island tour in Goa. Along the way, we serve you refreshments and refreshments as you sail to the island. But it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach Grande Island.

Finally, Hope you all enjoy the article about the grand island. Because, Grand Island is one of the best offbeat destinations to visit with family and friends.


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