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Payday loan has not been popular with the press for quite a few years, but despite that, it is still popular amongst people who seek quick cash. The data collected by CFPB recently suggested that as many as 12 million Americans are estimated to secure a payday loan each year to cover their cash flow issues.

Nowadays, because of the internet, it is very easy to find out online platforms that can offer you payday loans but the site you choose should be trustworthy. Look no further as Honest Loans is a platform that connects you with various reliable lenders and helps you secure a quick payday loan.

An Overview of Honest Loans:

If you are seeking an established and well-reputed payday loan matching service that can match you with lenders that offer online payday loans even when you hold a bad credit score, Honest Loans is the service for you. The lenders associated with Honest Loans consider more than just your credit score when determining the loan request viability.

When you use Honest Loans to apply for a same-day payday loan online, you can borrow up to a loan amount of $5000 that can be repaid back by your next payday. Honest Loans with the help of their refined algorithm matches you with suitable lenders who will readily offer you a loan. Most lenders conduct a soft credit score check and also go through your employment status to be confident about your repayment capability. This helps reduce the fees charged on the payday loan as well.

How Can You Get A Payday Loan on Honest Loans?

Getting a payday loan by making use of Honest Loans is pretty straightforward. There are just three simple steps involved, as discussed below.

Step 1: Submit Loan Request Online:

To connect to various leaders through Honest Loans, fill up a simple application for form on their official website. The information required to be filled in the form is basic personal information for the loan purpose, to mainly understand your employment status. All supporting relevant documents should be uploaded to support your claim. The single application form is used by Honest Loans to link you with multiple lenders on their platform.

Step 2: Connect to Lenders:

Once you submit the same-day loan application form on Honest Loans, the state-of-the-art algorithm of the broker site connects the borrower with suitable lenders who will be most interested to offer you the plan at the best price, You may receive multiple loans offered from various lenders Compare terms of the offers like the interest rates and repayment terms and methods along with the loan flexibility to choose the one that works best for you.

Honest Loans

Step 3: Receive Money:

When everything looks fine with a loan offer, you can read the terms and conditions carefully and sign it to accept the offer. The lender you are connected with will disburse the amount on the same day or in 24 hours.

The Advantages of Honest Loans?

Honest Loans is a highly recommended payday loan broker with several benefits as mentioned below.

  1. 80+ Trusted Lenders:

The biggest benefit of using Honest Loans is its network of lenders, which makes a big difference when you are seeking a payday loan, especially with a bad credit score. All lenders Honest Loans is partnered with are established businesses with years of experience under their sleeves, which makes the platform all the more reliable and trustworthy to use.

  1. Friendly for All:

Honest Loans has made it a point to make the platform all credit score inclusive, hence their partner lenders consider applications from all types of borrowers regardless of their financial and employment status.

  1. No Hidden Fees:

With so many benefits the platform offers, you may be surprised to learn that Honest Loans does not charge any hidden fees for its services. Also, they ensure to work with only lenders that are honest about their loan costs.

  1. Protection of Privacy:

Honest Loans guarantees data privacy by securing your data with multi-layer encryption. Additionally, they process the data in full compliance with privacy regulations, hence you can rest assured.

Loans Offered by Honest Loans:

Honest Loans is known to offer different loan types based on the requirement of the borrower, as mentioned below.

  1. Small Payday Loans:

This is a popular option in the US. A small payday loan is a small cash advance that is typically repaid back in a few weeks with your next paycheck. This is usually taken to cover emergency expenses. Honest Loans is the best platform to apply for a small payday loan quickly. 

  1. Same-Day Loans:

As the name suggests, same-day loans are given out or at least approved on the same day as the loan application is submitted. The eligibility criteria are lenient with no collateral. HonestLoan offers same-day loan as a great option to obtain fast cash for urgent expenses.

  1. Loans for Bad Credit:

When you have a bad credit score, not all lenders readily offer you a payday loan. Fortunately, Honest Loans is associated with several lenders who are happy to offer you a payday loan even with a bad credit score.

  1. Online Installment Loans:

HonestLoan also offers online installment loans for bad credit scores. This loan is repaid in installments over a set period of time. It is a longer-term loan that makes the repayment easier without putting any strain on your finances. Honest Loans offer online installment loans for borrowers with bad credit score.

  1. No Credit Check Loans:

When you have a really bad credit score, you may prefer to seek a loan with no credit score check. Honest Loans discourages borrowers from seeking a no-credit check loan because of its extremely high APR. Instead, they are linked with lenders who conduct a soft credit check which does not affect your credit score and readily offer you a loan based on your loan repayment capability.


Q1: Is Honest Loans a Lender?

No, honest loans is actually a broker that offers loan matching services to match your loan request with reputed leaders who are ready to finance you even if you have a bad credit score. The platform is connected with over 80 trusted lenders to improve your chances of securing a payday loan.

Q2: Will Honest Loans Charge Extra Fees?

No, Honest Loans does not charge any hidden or extra fee from the borrower. The only fee you will be charged is by the lender if you sign the loan agreement as per the terms and conditions you agree upon. If there is a late loan repayment, then the fee charged will be higher than the agreed-upon rate.

Q3: How Much Can I Borrow Via Honest Loans?

You can borrow up to $5000 via Honest Loans. Remember, you can apply for the payday loan amount based on your requirement, but the loan amount approval depends on the lender entirely and may vary based on your loan repayment capability.

Q4: Is It Possible to Get A Payday Loan with Bad Credit from Honest Loans?

Yes, Honest Loans is a platform that tries to be all-credit score-inclusive. There are several lenders associated with the platform that openly approve payday loans, even if the credit score of the borrower is low. The fee the lender charges may vary based on the credit score though.


When looking for a payday loan broker, Honest Loans is probably the most reliable names around and the positive reviews it has received from hundreds of borrowers say it all. The user-friendly interface, along with its simplicity of use and quick access to funds makes it our number one payday loan broker platform.

Seeking an emergency fund or having to make an urgent debt repayment? Try Honest Loans which offers the highest bad credit payday loan approval rates and gives you access to funding in no time.

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