How to choose a decoration style

The decoration style should be selected according to preferences, area, capital, and viewing model houses. Generally popular decoration styles include modern simplicity, new Chinese style, and European classical style.

Choose decoration style

Choose from preferences

The decoration style is related to the materials and furniture used. Before the decoration, you can ask the family members what materials and furniture they like. This is a way to define the decoration style and extend this feeling to accessories, furniture, lighting, etc.

How to choose a decoration style

Choose from decoration models

Like the first time I renovated a house, I didn’t know the decoration style, so I found Red Ant Decoration Company. Their sales staff will introduce the styles of various model houses in detail, and I quickly chose my favorite modern and simple decoration.

How to choose a decoration style

Consider the size of the house and the budget

When choosing a decoration style, you can consider the size of the house and the budget. The three types of houses with higher requirements on the size of the house are Chinese, American and French, which are not suitable for small apartments.

How to choose a decoration style

Tell the designer what you think

When I was decorating, I also communicated with the designer of Red Ant Decoration Company and told the designer of my ideas. The designer gave decoration suggestions based on my needs and helped me find a modern and simple decoration that suits me.

How to choose a decoration style

Decoration style introduction

Modern minimalist style

It is composed of curved lines and asymmetrical lines, and a large number of iron components are used, and new techniques such as glass and ceramic tiles, as well as iron and ceramic products, are used indoors.

How to choose a decoration style

new Chinese style

The Chinese style is relatively free. The decorations can be green plants, fabrics, decorative paintings, and lamps of different styles.

How to choose a decoration style

European classical style

Emphasize the use of gorgeous decoration, strong colors, and exquisite shapes to achieve a graceful and luxurious decorative effect.

How to choose a decoration style

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