How to Showcase Google Reviews to Maximize Effect?

Google reviews allow any business to prove itself and its potential to the market. People go online and list their thoughts about the brand easily. Reviews allow the brand to showcase loyalty, build trust, and generate more leads. 

Reviews are transparent and show social proof rather than beautified promotional content. Potential clients can go to Google and look for reviews from existing customers to make an informed decision on whether they wish to engage with the business or not. 

Google reviews are SEO-friendly, any brand that takes advantage of reviews is in a position to get a better SEO rank in local search results. Embedding Google reviews on the website using reviews platforms is one of the most effective ways to not only build trust but motivate users to post more reviews.

Let’s discuss where to display Google reviews and their importance.

Where to showcase Google reviews?

Reviews on Google have unprecedented power that influences trust, SEO, feedback, and sales. Let’s understand how and where brands can leverage Google reviews in order to take full advantage.

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1. Social media

  Google reviews can be showcased on your social media accounts to build strong social media evidence. This is the best way to display transparency and build trust. People rely on other people, who are existing customers, this is why showing Google reviews on your social media platforms, can be highly beneficial and effective in order to generate leads. 

You can showcase these reviews in your Instagram stories, post short story-like videos, use these reviews as tweets, or post them as images on Facebook. 

2. Ads

Organic marketing is effective however, sometimes investing in advertisement can be helpful. You can target your audience based on their demographic, age, gender, etc. You can also further target them based on their preferences, interests, beliefs, cultural background, etc. 

You get to choose the duration of the ads and where you wish to show them. You can also display ads in various forms like carousels, videos, images, etc. 

3. Website 

Embedding Google reviews on the website is an effective strategy that is becoming popular among marketers these days. Brands can embed Google reviews on their website using reviews platforms like Taggbox. These platforms aggregate all reviews from Google and display them in a unified manner.

These review platforms are equipped with customization, moderation, and analytics features. You can edit the background, card style, theme settings, etc. Add banner, CTA button, social buttons, etc. Modify your widget using custom CSS. Eliminate sensitive and inappropriate information and get UGC rights to display reviews ethically. 

Review platforms offer embed code that is compatible with multiple CMS platforms like HTML, Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. You can embed it on any website and reap the desired results. 

4. Emails 

You can power up your email game using Google reviews, and embed them into your emails. You can run marketing campaigns and send various emails including Google reviews. You can send images or links to motivate them to leave reviews as well.

How do Google reviews benefit your brand?

Now that we understand where businesses can leverage Google reviews, let us understand how important they are and how they affect your brand. 

• Builds Trust 

To build trust, transparency is the most important aspect. While users research new products and services, they see reviews on Google, yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. If you have a stronghold of reviews on Google, you display how transparent you are by showing real-life experiences from existing customers. They are trusted source and shows authenticity, credibility, and reliability. 

• Offers exposure

Google’s algorithm is complex, confidential, and keeps changing. One thing that we all know is that reviews affect SEO ranking significantly. 9% of Google’s algorithm is driven by reviews. These reviews are authentic and credible which is looked at by Google more than promotional content. 

• Improve CTR 

Any user who searches for a brand, and comes across your link will click on it. You can spend as much money as you wish on your SEO efforts, but if people do not click on the required links, all those efforts are useless. Having Google reviews are an excellent way to boost Click-through rates when you show up in search results. When your rating comes beside your name, it leaves the first impression and drives better CTR. 

• Drives conversions

Once customers click and reach your web page, most of the work is done. Customers who visit your website require some kind of motivation to make a purchase. Having a user-friendly website and well-designed and structured web pages make a lot of difference, adding reviews can turn out to be powerful in prodigy a nudge to your visitors and converting them.

Wrap up!

Google reviews can drive brand trust, local SEO, and conversion rates. These are three major aspects of brands that influence their growth and success rate. If you are not utilizing Google reviews, you’re missing out on a lot of growth opportunities and advantages that your competitors might be getting. So, to have a slight edge over your competitor try Incorporating Google reviews in the branding and marketing of your product & services.

Google reviews are free of cost and have the ability to provide an incredible return on investment (ROI). By investing your time in Google reviews, you can see significant results in a relatively short period of time. Generate Google reviews on every platform and see your asset growing while reaping all the benefits.

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