The popular prince Lee Kwang soo girlfriend Lee Sun-bin is claimed by the company for 500 million yuan, and the new drama extra investigation is currently being broadcast.

In the entertainment industry, conflicts between celebrities and brokerage companies are very common, especially in Korean entertainment circles. Many well-known celebrities will go to lawsuits with brokerage companies because of their interests after becoming famous. Recently, Lee Kwang soo girlfriend, Li Xianbin, was sued by WELLMADE STAR Entertainment for 500 million won (approximately RMB 2.92 million) due to economic disputes.

At present, WELLMADE STAR Entertainment Company issued a statement that it signed an agreement with Ms. Li Xianbin in 2016. Later, because Ms. Li Xianbin unilaterally terminated the cooperation with WELLMADE STAR Entertainment Company in September 2018, which violated the spirit of the law, WELLMADE STAR The entertainment company sued Ms. Li Xianbin to extract 500 million won (approximately RMB 2.92 million) from WELLMADE STAR entertainment company’s income in two years according to the contract.

However, Ms. Li Xianbin has not reached a settlement with WELLMADE STAR Entertainment Company due to the excessive amount of money. The legal representative of WELLMADE STAR Entertainment Company stated that the company has been communicating with Ms. Li Xianbin for two years and hopes to abide by the agreement with Ms. Li Xianbin. The two sides reconciled amicably. However, it has been met with incomprehension and protest from Ms. Li Xianbin. The company stated that it has given up on reaching a settlement with Ms. Li Xianbin, and will express that it may adopt a seizure of film remuneration or a series of legal and formal measures to recover the company’s losses.

Li Xianbin, a South Korean actress born in 1994, began to enter the show business in 2014 when he starred in the Chinese costume drama “Book Saint Wang Xizhi”; in January 2016, starred in the romantic drama “Mrs. Antoine”; in June, starred in the crime drama “38 Division Mobile Team. In 2017, he played Ha Zhiya in the suspense drama “Missing9”; on December 30, Li Xianbin won the MBC Acting Awards Women’s Newcomer Award. In 2018, starred in the action suspense drama “Sketch”. The reputation has not been weak and not obvious, and then it was announced in December 2018 that the brokerage company had been dating Lee Kwang soo girlfriend for five months. His reputation began to rise sharply and he began to make great breakthroughs in his acting career. Recently, the TV series “Fanwai Investigation” starring Li Xianbin and Cha Tae-hyun is on the air, and when this news is released, it has a certain impact on her image.

Before appearing in the reality show “I Live Alone”, we can see that the house where Li Xianbin lives is actually very small and it is still rented. In the show, Li Xianbin also showed a very diligent and thrifty housekeeping side. Household items and other items are very common people. It can be seen that Li Xianbin is actually an ordinary young girl who just started working hard in society.

Although Li Xianbin has also made a lot of movies and TV dramas, and even a few of them are popular masterpieces, he is not in important roles such as heroines. Moreover, it is well known that the salary of acting as an actor in South Korea is very low, so it is conceivable that Li Xianbin’s income in those two years is actually not much different from the income of ordinary workers in South Korea.

In fact, the Korean entertainment industry was more demanding before he was famous, and I hope Li Xianbin can tide over this difficulty well.

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Lee Kwang soo girlfriend is Lee Xianbin in 1994! Beauty and temperament, face looks like Yang Chaoyue

On December 31, 2018, Li Guangzhu Company confirmed the relationship between Li Guangzhu and Li Xianbin. I still remember that when Li Xianbin participated in the recording of “RM” as a guest, he bluntly said that the ideal type was Li Guangzhu. I did not expect that after so long, the two of them would really be together. “RM” Lee Kwang soo girlfriend is Lee Xianbin in 1994! He is beautiful and temperamental, and his face looks like Yang Chaoyue.

Li Xianbin is an actress in 1994. She is very beautiful and very aura. She debuted in 14 years and has acted in many plays so far. Li Xianbin is not very young, but has a rich experience in acting. She once came to China to participate in talent shows, and her efforts and strength have been recognized. Li Xianbin’s selfie style is very cute, just like a young lady who is very pure and sweet. No wonder Li Guangzhu’s heart will be captured!

Enjoy some of Li Xianbin’s fashion portraits, which she took for the January issue of a magazine. Li Xianbin’s long curly hair shawl, this curly hair is very popular recently. This curly hair has a relatively uniform curvature, curled to the roots, and the hair is fluffy and has a lot of volume. It is very temperamental, a bit like the style of the Hong Kong star in the 1970s. Li Xianbin is wearing a dark blue loose sweater and blue jeans.

Li Xianbin’s curly hair is very suitable for her small face. Li Xianbin’s facial lines are very smooth, but she herself is very thin, so the side angle looks very skinny. Li Xianbin’s eyes are energetic, his nose is tall and natural, his lips are beautiful, and his lower lip is thicker and more sexy. She is wearing a loose sweater with a white hemp pattern. There are dark blue and red stitching patterns on the dress. It is a more classic sweater. Li Xianbin has participated in many variety shows and participated in many MV recordings. Her image and temperament are indeed outstanding.

Li Xianbin is a sweet and salty girl who can control various styles and always surprises us. In the picture on the left, she wears a small round hat and combs part of her long hair, making her look neat and feminine. Li Xianbin wears a small round neck top with a black base and a white pattern, which is simple and neat yet elegant and sexy. The highlight of the upper body of this skirt is the pattern decoration on the neckline and cuffs, and the vintage pleated skirt on the lower body is also very beautiful. In the picture on the right, she put on a white long dress of an innocent girl. The sweater meets chiffon, and the candy powder meets sapphire blue. Li Xianbin’s style is full of fashion sense.

RM Lee Kwang Soo’s girlfriend is Lee Sun Bin in 1994! He is beautiful and temperamental, and his face looks like Yang Chaoyue. As soon as Kwang Soo’s love affair was exposed, many netizens were not familiar with Li Xianbin, and at first glance they thought it was Yang Chaochao. Appreciating the comparison between Li Xianbin and Yang Chaoyue’s daily photos, you can see that the faces of the two are indeed very similar. They are both sensual girl faces. The chins are small and not sharp, and they look very tender.

Li Xianbin’s face looked like Yang Chaoyue, and the facial features of the two were somewhat similar, but Yang Chaoyue’s eyes were bigger, while Li Xianbin’s nose was taller. It seems that beautiful people really have something in common.

Lee Kwang soo girlfriend, Lee Sun-bin, first appeared with a smile after her love affair was revealed

On the afternoon of January 2, Li Xianbin attended the public filming of a variety show. This is Li Xianbin’s first appearance after his love affair was revealed on December 31. In the photo, she is full of aura in a red suit, and her smile is also very bright.

South Korean artists such as Lee Sun Bin and Kim Sang Hyuk attended the public filming of the sixth season of “I See Your Voice” in Gyeonggi Province. This is the first appearance after the love affair between Li Xianbin and Li Guangzhu was revealed on December 31.


The girl Li Xianbin is an actress of 1994. She once publicly confessed in “RM” that Li Guangzhu is her ideal type. In September 2016, when Li Xianbin participated in the recording of “RM” for the first time, he sincerely confessed to Li Guangzhu and Oppa. It was really super sweet when watching two people play with a polygraph!


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