Lorraine Braccio

Introduction: Lorraine Braccio

Who is she? She’ll be well-known by 2023. Lorraine, who is only 33 years old, already has a successful profession and a large following. Lorraine has created a name for herself in the entertainment industry, from her time serving in the US Navy to her forays into acting and film production, and she still needs to finish.

If you’ve followed Lorraine’s rise to fame, you may have a few inquiries. Who is she called? She was either in front of or behind the camera; how did it happen? How did she become able to describe herself as an entertainment mogul? Well, we have solutions! Discover Lorraine Braccio’s age, affair, divorce, net worth, ethnicity, and professional information.

Biography of Lorraine Braccio

Lorraine Braccio

Who is Lorraine Braccio, who you may have heard of? She has established a reputation as a talented actor, singer, and songwriter in the entertainment industry. She has been the talk of the town this year due to her tremendously successful movie series and enormous net worth.

We don’t know much about her. In 2023, Lorraine Braccio was born. She combines African American and Hispanic ancestry. When she was eight, she performed her first song on “The Kids Got Talent.” She soon rose to fame and, at the age of 16, landed her first role in a popular television series.

Since then, she has put out numerous albums, appeared in films and television shows, and even produced a few. Her most recent endeavors have even taken her to other stages, like a live performance in France! You will better understand Lorraine Braccio’s incredibleness after you realize precisely how outstanding these accomplishments are.

Age, Height, and Weight of Lorraine Braccio

Do you want to know how old Lorraine Braccio is? She is currently 18 years old and was born in the year 2023. Lorraine weighs 130 pounds and measures a towering 5 feet, 8 inches tall. Her angular, alluring features have refined with time, defying her age and leaving fans wondering about her special birthday.

In addition to being incredibly attractive, Lorraine is renowned for having a good heart and a strong desire to break down barriers in the film industry. Her popularity rises daily as she takes on more roles and exudes confidence in each performance.

Lorraine Braccio

Lorraine Braccio’s Career

As you know, Lorraine Braccio models, sings, and acts. But what roles did she play?

In 2020, she played Chloe on Comedy Central’s The Good Place. She played a troubled nurse in the 2021 drama Buried.

Lorraine released two albums, “Quantize” in 2020 and “Elevate” in 2021. Both albums were global hits. In 2020 and 2021, she was nominated for BET’s Best Female R&B/Pop Artist and MTV’s Song and Female Artist of the Year.

Lorraine has promoted Asos, Calvin Klein, PacSun, and Bongo Jeans in addition to her music and acting career. She appeared in The Journey of Life, a 2022 online series.

The status of Lorraine Bracco’s relationships

 Lorraine Braccio Hasband

Lorraine appears to be single and not involved in a relationship right now. Considering that she hasn’t previously been linked to anyone, the actress may still be putting her career first.


It was stated in 2009 that Lorraine was married to actor Roman Zaslavsky; the two later divorced in 2019. The couple has been together for ten years but is still without children.

You’re also unaware that the couple filed for divorce because Lorraine felt belittled by her ex-husband and began living apart without telling him. Yet because Roman also works in Hollywood, she kept the details of their breakup a secret to safeguard his reputation.

Other Relationships

Little is known about Lorraine’s relationships after Roman, except for the announcement of her marriage or whether she dated anyone else before him. She has so far refrained from all those rumors, so we have yet to find out whether or not she will date again.

Lorraine Braccio’s Net Worth

Do you long to learn Lorraine Braccio’s earnings? As a result of her recent divorce settlement and product endorsements, Lorraine’s net worth is thought to be in the millions and will only rise! What, then, accounts for her wealth?

Movie Career

Although Lorraine was only 18, she started her cinematic career by appearing in music videos for upcoming artists. She appeared in several well-known movies and TV episodes during the ensuing years, including “Alice and the Tripper,” “Cat & Mouse,” and “Purple Rain.” Not only did Lorraine receive a lot of attention from these assignments, but they also significantly boosted her financial situation.

Product Promotions

Lorraine has participated in numerous high-profile product endorsement partnerships during her career. She has long-standing relationships with some of the biggest businesses in the world, including Nike and Apple Music, which has enhanced her income tremendously.

Enterprise Investments

Throughout the past few years, Lorraine has invested in several businesses, charities, and organizations and is an entrepreneur. And it’s no surprise that she’s made such wise investments considering her vast network of contacts, which offers excellent connections to business tycoons worldwide!

Lorraine Braccio’s Nationality and Ethnicity

Then, who is Lorraine Braccio? You can tell she’s more than just a Hollywood power player by her name; she’s a natural force! In the Boston region, Lorraine was born and raised. She comes from an Italian-American family. Her family migrated to America from Sicily at the beginning of the 20th century.

Lorraine’s family is Italian. Hence she is well-versed in Mediterranean culture and dialect. She is fluent in Italian and English, and she frequently communicates with many acquaintances abroad using these languages. She was such a skilled writer that she even contributed to an episode of an Italian TV program.

When she was a little child, Lorraine was a citizen of both Brazil and the United States. She has some Italian ancestry. She now has the opportunity to live in two beautiful nations while working in Los Angeles and keeping in touch with her family in Rio de Janeiro.


The Last Choice actress Lorraine Braccio, who was raised in Brooklyn, is renowned for her powerful voice. Moreover, Lorraine Braccio may have appeared in “The Typhoon” or “The Sopranos” (1999-2007). (2005).

In-depth backstory “An American Life: My Journey from Brooklyn to the Screen,” by Braccio and published in 2013, details his path from the borough to the entertainment business. Her professional and personal experiences are described in this book.

Lorraine Braccio handled distribution for the autobiography she wrote and released in 2013 under “An American Life: My Journey from Brooklyn to the Screen.” She includes many experiences from her life and profession in this book, which acts as a memoir of her life.

Lorraine Braccio, who has been nominated for both an Academy Award and an Emmy, is best known for playing Tony Soprano’s psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Melfi on the HBO series The Sopranos and in the Martin Scorsese movie Goodfellas as Karen Hill. She played the matriarch of the Rizzoli family for seven seasons on the wildly popular TNT series Rizzoli & Isles. Lorraine Braccio also co-starred in the critically acclaimed BBC comedy Jerk and the independent film The Birthday Cake with Shiloh Fernandez, Ewan McGregor, and Val Kilmer. She will provide the voice of Sophia the Seagull in the upcoming Pinocchio Disney remake, which will be helmed by Robert Zemeckis and star Tom Hanks, later this year.

Currently, Braccio may be seen on My Big Italian Adventure, a well-liked Discovery+/HGTV remodelling show. In 2006, Penguin Random House released her best-selling memoir On the Couch, and in Winter 2015, Rodale Books released her diet and nutrition book To the Fullest. Margaux and Stella, two of Lorraine Braccio kids, and two adorable granddaughters complete her family. She divides her time between Los Angeles and New York.

Lorraine Braccio Career

In 1974, Braccio relocated to France and started modelling for Jean-Paul Gaultier. She stayed there for almost ten years.

Marc Camoletti approached Braccio  when she was still modelling and offered her a significant part in the movie adaptation of one of his plays, Duos sur canapé (1979). Braccio first objected since she had no idea that she might be an actress. Lorraine Braccio eventually made the movie, but she thought it was “boring” and she gave a “poor performance.” She nevertheless took on supporting parts in two additional French movies “for the money.”

She enrolled in John Strasberg seminars after one of her friends recommended that she may love acting if she had some instruction.

Lorraine Braccio enjoyed the lessons, but she wasn’t convinced of her talent.

Braccio played Toni in a recurring role on the Showtime comedy series Dice starting in 2016. [27] She played Mayor Margaret Dutton in a five-episode recurring role on the CBS police drama series Blue Bloods from 2017 to 2018.

Braccio played the lead role in the HGTV documentary series My Big Italian Adventure in 2020. It was filmed in Sambuca di Sicilia and followed the refurbishment of a 200-year-old home that she had bought for €1 on Via Guglielmo Marconi.

Braccio provided the voice of Sofia the Seagull for the Pinocchio remake directed by Robert Zemeckis in 2022.

Lorraine Braccio Persnoal life

Lorraine Braccio has two divorces between their marriages.

In 1979, she wed Frenchman Daniel Guerard; their marriage ended in divorce in 1982. Margaux Guerard, an actress, is their lone child. [35]

She met actor Harvey Keitel while residing in Paris, and the two were together for 12 years. Their only child is Stella Keitel (born 1985). Stella’s custody dispute between Braccio and Keitel lasted for a long time, driving Lorraine Braccio to sadness and costing $2 million in legal bills.

Actor Edward James Olmos and Braccio wed for a second time in 1994; their marriage ended in divorce in 2002.

Shotokan Karate is something that Braccio practices.

To the Fullest: The Clean Up Your Act Plan to Lose Weight, Rejuvenate, and Be the Best You Can Be was a self-help book she wrote in 2015.

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