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Unreliable online apparel store Morclothes review, which can be found at, advertises that it sells dresses. Online shoppers are urged to avoid unreliable websites because doing so puts them in danger of acquiring fake items or nothing. Online shoppers who are dissatisfied with their purchases should get in touch with their bank or financial institution to get their transactions reversed and their money reimbursed. Additionally, they should ask their banks to assist them in stopping the website’s operators, who are hackers, from repeatedly using their credit cards.

Numerous online Morclothes review of claim that the website is not trustworthy and authentic. The online clothing retailer has repeatedly betrayed the confidence and expectations of its customers. People now have a very low regard for the brand as a result of it. The following are examples when when Morclothes questioned its legitimacy:

  • No. 401, unit 6, building 16, Longhua village, Tiefeng District, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, China 161002 is the firm address listed for Morclothes. Google Maps is unable to match the location, despite the fact that it appears to be accurate. Additionally, the WHOIS information doesn’t reveal the owner’s name or address.
  • Morclothes’ “Terms” are still subject to US law, according to its “Terms of Service” or “Terms and Conditions” page. It immediately begs the question. Why should a Chinese-based business continue to be subject to American laws and rules? It can mean that Morclothes does not actually operate from the location it claims to or that the complete Terms and Conditions have been copied and pasted from another source.
  • There is no suitable way to get in touch with Morclothes. Customers who have made purchases from them complain that despite repeated attempts, they are unable to reach their support helpline.
  • The Morclothes website contains a variety of faults that are typical of phishing sites. There is no security system in place to safeguard client information and transactions. Additionally, no purchases exceeding $100 are permitted. It is so even if a number of items costing more than that are still advertised. Additionally, the website contains numerous informational elements that have been lifted verbatim from other websites.
  • Numerous users have complained on “morclothes review” pages that charges and deductions from their credit cards for purchases made on the Morclothes website have occurred. Sometimes it took place without their knowledge or consent. However, they were never given the item for which the money was taken. Therefore, the majority feel certain they were “scammed” and think it’s possible that their credit card information was compromised.

Information About Morclothes Review

Email Address:

Call Me: +86 18783814756

Contact: Qiu Zixuan

Office Address: No. 401, unit 6, building 16, Longhua community, Tiefeng District, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, China 161002

Reports of Items Never Arriving

Morclothes Review frequently note that the ordered things never appear to arrive in addition to emphasizing how the pricing structure on the site is too good to be true. Getting something at a fantastic price is one thing; not getting it is an entirely different proposition. No matter the price, if you don’t get what you requested, you’re paying too much. Unfortunately, this problem is closely related to another significant fault we’ve found with the Morclothes website.

Customer Service That Is Unresponsive

You want to know that the person answering your call cares when you have a problem with a website. There doesn’t appear to be anyone else on the other end of the line in terms of Morclothes evaluations. Customers not only complain that they don’t get the things they requested, but they also claim that customer care is essentially nonexistent. Consumers frequently need the assistance of their bank or Paypal to obtain refunds for services they never got.

Too Good to be True Discounts

The reductions at Morclothes are sometimes criticised for being too good to be true. This frequently involves providing things for sale that are out of stock on other websites or offering discounts of 70–80% on brand-new items that are still in high demand. If they are getting a fantastic deal, customers normally wouldn’t complain about the price, but this problem frequently appears in Morclothes review, indicating a far more significant problem.

Unrealistic to Verify the License

The fact that it is difficult to impossible to identify the owners and employees of Morclothes completes all of these problems. According to studies, ineffective customer service, poor communication, and attempts to confirm a physical location frequently produce unanticipated outcomes. In other words, the Morclothes team isn’t taking any steps to increase consumer confidence in their business. In addition, certain fundamental customer service functions don’t seem to be present on the website.

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