what are the types of payroll update error?

An improper tax table, payroll file, or billing information, among other things, might cause problems with payroll updates. A payroll update difficulty might be caused by an erroneous tax table, payroll file, or billing information.

If there is no current payroll subscription, “QuickBooks desktop payroll update not working” appears(QuickBooks Error 15106). Make your payroll subscription active if you want to ignore or correct it. When you update your payroll, errors appear in your QuickBooks account, which must be handled with the appropriate remedy.

Payroll Update Error: What Kinds of Errors are there

Here you’ll see types of payroll update errors and how to fix them and what other issues might be causing you to have the same problem. You are capable of resolving any issues on your own. Don’t worry, all of the information is in this post for you to look at.

  • Update error 15106

The Desktop Installer is a software program that assists in the installation and uninstallation of programs as well as their updates on the Windows operating system, and once the installer becomes broken or damaged, certain apps begin to raise issues throughout the update process. This very same case exists with QuickBooks when the Windows Installer becomes broken or defective, resulting in a Quickbooks error 15106 when the user attempts to install or update the payroll.

Few causes to the Error 15106:
  • QuickBooks struggles to install all of the added features that will be needed to upgrade the program and payroll later.
  • You may have WebRoot antivirus software installed on your machine, which sees the QuickBooks installer as a possible danger and prevents it from running on Windows.
  • QuickBooks Update Error 15106 might also occur if your user account does not have Windows admin permissions.
  • Update Error 15241:

“ Error 15241: The payroll update did not complete successfully “  is the message that comes to your screen when you have the QuickBooks update error 15241.  

This payroll issue might be caused by a variety of circumstances. It can occur as a result of a corrupted Microsoft Windows Installer or a corrupted QuickBooks desktop setup. The error code 15241 causes problems with the payroll function in QuickBooks, and it is most commonly noticed when the operator downloads or upgrades the payroll.

Few causes to the Error 15241:
  • The File Copy Service (FCS) in QuickBooks Desktop has been deactivated. This service is critical for the QB application’s and payroll service’s functions.
  • Somehow, the file format became corrupted.
  • Alternatively, if the QuickBooks installation was not completed correctly.
  • If the registry entries files were damaged as a result of installing QuickBooks, the identical problem would appear.
  • Update Error PS033:

A very simple, easily customizable, and user-friendly payroll module, when paired with accounting software, offers a variety of valuable features. QuickBooks may occasionally display an error. QuickBooks PS033 is one of these errors. It is most commonly affected by a corrupted CPS folder. As an outcome, one is unable to obtain the most recent payroll changes, as well as view the business file.

Few causes to the error PS033:
  • Firstly, payroll subscription is not operating.
  • Service Key is invalid.
  • Corrupted QuickBooks Desktop file.
  • Incomplete update of the software QuickBooks version.
  • PSID company file is incorrect.
  • Corrupted QBs data.
  • Lastly, “Invalid number or EIN” on the status of your desktop appears.
  • Update error 15270:

When you try to download payroll updates or set up a file, you’ll see QuickBooks Error Code 15270. This issue can also occur if an Intuit product is running during the Windows startup process or during the installation of the operating system. If you ignore this error, it will become more difficult to correct.

Few causes to the error 15270:
  • The desktop window is running the active program crash.
  • The unfinished installation process of QuickBooks.
  • Corruption in the Windows program.
  • Firewall blocking the server communication.
  • There is an obstacle with internet connectivity.

Causes of  These Common Errors

There are a number of factors that might assist you in determining the cause of this problem. It may differ from one user to the next. Because of the given issue, not everyone has the same cause. So this is also something you should be aware of in order to find a solution and address the problem.

A few of the reasons include:

  • Using the wrong network key.
  • If the Incorrect Number result on your QuickBooks desktop appears, make sure the QuickBooks payroll file is updated.
  • It has more than one current payroll and is an inactive Direct Deposit arrangement.
  • The employer identifier (EIN) is incorrect.
  • QuickBooks pc is incompatible with your version of Windows.
  • QuickBooks software that isn’t up to date
  • Outdated PSID company file.
  • Damaged QBs data.
  • Disabled Payroll subscription.



Businesses should invest in a system that organizes all payroll operations owing to the requirement of doing so. It minimizes mistakes and increases payroll compliance while saving time, in addition to decreasing manual responsibilities. Intuit’s Quickbooks accounting software can be the best candidate for this particular job, Even with its features and flows its works just fine and get very user-friendly with time. The easy user interface is the main u.s.p of this QuickBooks accounting software. In order to take advantage of new features or get extra benefits, users need to update their payroll software to the latest version regularly. All in all, the post above comprises a few most common update errors and their causes too. I hope after reading this article you’ll be able to differentiate between various errors. 

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