Tips for Smoking Hookah for the First Time

Millions of people worldwide have become avid hookah fans since it came into the scene during the 1960s and ‘70s. Besides being a favored pastime, it is a social, recreational activity that brings like-minded folks together. You will find dedicated bars that provide a safe space for avid hookah smokers to enjoy a peaceful time.

But while such smoking has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, it can be overwhelming if you are new to the experience. It helps to learn more about the process to ensure a smooth and enjoyable session, from selecting the right flavor to setting up the hookah.

So, here are some practical and effective tips for safely smoking hookah for the first time.

Pick the right product

The most critical step to a great smoking experience is selecting a good hookah. Look for models made of durable materials such as stainless steel or glass with a sturdy base. Additionally, ensure the product has a tight seal and a sturdy hose.

Selecting the right flavor matters, too, as it determines the final experience. Flavors come in multiple options, from fruity and minty to chocolatey. When choosing your flavor, remember that some are more potent than others. If you are a beginner, start with a mild one like peach or mint and work toward stronger variants like grape or double apple

Prepping the session

Once you have selected your flavored hookah, it is time to prepare for smoking. Ensure the device is clean and fill the base with water, covering the downstem to create a tight seal and prevent air from entering the hookah through the base.

Then, fill the bowl with the desired tobacco mixture, but do not pack it too tightly, as this will restrict airflow. Cover the bowl with foil and poke several tiny holes in it for air circulation. Place the bowl on the stem and tighten the grommet to secure it.

Light the coal and place it in the bowl. The mixture will take a few minutes to heat up and release smoke. Once the hookah is ready, you can start smoking by taking a slow and steady draw on the hose to inhale the smoke.

Cleaning and maintaining

After your smoking session, it is vital to clean the hookah to ensure that it lasts for a long time. Clean the bowl, hose, and base with a gentle cleaning solution or soap and water. You could also use a soft cleaning brush to scrub the inside of the stem and bowl. Once done, leave the apparatus to air dry for a bit, allowing the moisture to evaporate quickly.

Buy the right accessories from a reputable dealer

When you want to learn more about hookah, remember that a crucial part involves purchasing the correct accessories from reliable suppliers. For instance, you will need bowls, handles, hoses, and mouthpieces made of the highest quality materials to ensure a safe smoking experience. Reputable vendors will offer quality silicone mouthpieces that you can wash and reuse, effectively reducing your carbon footprint.

Similarly, you can select from a diverse range of coal burners, heat management devices, and trays, each as stunning as it is functional. Each product can cost anywhere from $10 to less than $100, depending on what and how many items you buy. Moreover, when shopping from reliable suppliers, you may enjoy free shipping on specific orders, such as those above $99.

Finally, you can also browse informative guides on industry news, products, and other details.

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