Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in USA

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in USA

Residing in the USA, do you ever feel the urge to recheck your order after placing it? The answer is closest to impossible. Why? Most foodaholics in the USA are fond of ordering food fuss-free. With the success of food apps, this trend is being adopted by many people.  If you are looking to find the top 10 food delivery apps in USA, read below.

Today, the United States is leading the world in almost all aspects. The ongoing advancements in the food industry are one of these. Several eCommerce apps have taken over major and minor problems in the respective country.

The new world after the pandemic added much to these apps. For instance, dine-in was replaced with dine-outs, and takeaways turned to online delivery.

Popular and Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in USA


Many people can look for a food delivery app. Besides being a food lover, you can be a business owner or a hungry person. After all, getting your food delivered at your door feels heavenly.

Most people lose their savings after a few food orders. Thus, folks always look for ways to save on buying food online. While the USA is a ruling nation, these issues are easy to solve.

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Seamless App

In 1999, Seamless was launched as a food ordering website with ample features. Today, it serves as one of the best food delivery apps in the country. It also ranks among the oldest and popular ones in the USA.

Based in New York City, USA, it provides exceptional service to more than 600 cities. According to reports, this app came across a merger with GrubHub Inc. in 2013.

Since then, Seamless holds a share of 58%, whereas GrubHub holds the rest at 42%. Popularity-wise, the app has 700K+ Apple Store users and 1M+ Google Play Store users.

GrubHub Food Delivery App

Foodaholics are fond of GrubHub for its exceptional service. It works as a food delivery and pick-up website. Also, it has an app with corporate plans for every user.

This app deals in more than 1100 cities in the country. You can savor your taste buds and order from over 115000 cuisines through this venture. Americans love this app as it allows placing an order four days in advance.

You can easily enjoy online payments through PayPal and Android Pay in this app. Popularity-wise, the app has 7M+ Apple Store users and 10M+ Google Play Store users. Also, it is the fifth most downloaded food apps in the US.

DoorDash Food App

The most popular and loved food app in the USA is DoorDash. It is loved in the country for its convenient and user-friendly features. After its launch in 2013, it has turned out to be the most downloaded app in the country with 7M+ downloads.

Besides being adored in 1200 American cities, it is also popular in Canada. This app holds a special ‘Delight’ mode to rank cuisines on the basis of delivery time, comments, and prices. Also, it offers a special option for alcohol delivery too.

Popularity-wise, this app contains 10M+ Google Play Store users and 8M+ Apply Store users. Cloning this app can cost 20K – 50K USD. Nonetheless, with the use of an online app development service like YourDigiLab, you can save on its overall cost.

UberEats App

After DoorDash, UberEats is the second most downloaded food app in the United States. It consists of 4.5M+ downloads across the country. The app is known to serve within 500 cities and over 24 countries.

After its popularity as a taxi-booking app, Uber launched UberEats to deliver food at one’s doorsteps. Also, it played a huge role in helping people eat food during the pandemic.

Popularity-wise, it consists of 50M+ Apple Store users and 100M+ Google Play Store users.

Munchery Food App

Among the different food apps in America, Munchery is also a name. This platform is known for its shipment of food items and meal kits. Unlike other apps, it consists of a 9USD monthly subscription.

People consider this commission-free app as an independent delivery service. Regardless of its small variety of cuisines, this app offers an exceptional service. Its menu refreshes every week to cater to consumer needs.

Further, it offers the chance to place an order a week before. Popularity-wise, it consists of 50K+ Google Play Store users.

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Postmates Food Delivery App

Similar to the top-ranking food delivery apps in the USA, Postmates work as a website and a smartphone app too. Americans are fond of this app for its outstanding on-time delivery.

With its unrivalled customer service, this app caters to the needs of 4000 cities all over the country. It successfully delivers everything from over 10000 cuisines and retailer stores.

Keep in mind this app charges a delivery fee for every order. Currently, it consists of 10M+ Google Play Store users and 5M+ Apple Store users.

Instacart Food App

For many, Instacart is not a food app. It is because this smartphone app does not deliver readymade food. Instead, it is known as a great platform to deliver and pick up groceries.

For a long time, it is delivering its services in over 5500 cities at over 40000 stores. This app works with in-store shoppers and full-service shoppers.

Both the parties are paid as per their contract. In addition to groceries, this app also delivers alcohol and necessary household essentials. The app is known to offer discount vouchers and coupons too. Popularity-wise, it contains 10M+ Google Play Store users and 2M+ Apple Store users.

ChowNow Food App

After Munchery, the next popular and commission-free food app is ChowNow. This platform charges the delivery fee from specific cuisines. As a result, one cannot predict its delivery charges.

While most food delivery services work for urban areas, this platform deals in rural places too. It works using digital tools through which collaborated cuisines receive their orders.

Throughout America, this app serves in New York City, Chicago, Portland, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, and Denver. Popularity-wise, this app contains 13K+ Apple Store users and 1M+ Google Play Store users.

Caviar App

Caviar lies among some of the renowned food apps in the United States. This platform is known to have the highest number of cuisines on its menu. Americans are fond of its snack bar base.

Unlike other apps, it requires the consumer to create an account for further processing. By signing up for this app, users can customize the menu and search bar easily. Also, its delivery charges are dependent on the location.

This app provides a great service in approx. 20 cities in the USA. Popularity-wise, it consists of 136K+ Apple Store users and 5M+ Google Play Store users.

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The Bottom Line: Food Delivery App in USA

The development of food apps has changed the future dramatically. Since the pandemic, norms have shifted. However, these successful delivery apps are supportive enough to handle the crisis.

The exciting feature of contactless delivery made social distancing easier for folks. Also, delivery teams were trained well enough to handle every customer well.

There is much more these apps will be coming up with. Americans will love the taste of delicious food every instance. No matter what the situation, the USA’s food apps will keep the country satisfied and happy!

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