Top 8 Ecommerce Websites that Make Great Revenue in Pakistan

The e-commerce sector in Pakistan has had significant growth since the introduction of 3G/4G. The expansion has been so quick that experts predict Pakistan’s e-commerce industry will generate $1 billion in sales by 2020. A portion of this is attributable to the introduction of online sales and offers as well as the steadily growing number of consumers who have access to the internet, which has surpassed 40 million this year.

Millions of potential customers visit online retailers each month in Pakistan despite the general criticism of e-commerce methods there. Several new businesses are aiming to enter the internet retail market, but many significant players have already established themselves as market leaders.

Multi-category internet sellers who sell everything from groceries to gadgets are the most successful. Large-scale niche sellers or brand-owned direct retail websites come next.

Let’s look at Pakistan’s most well-liked internet retailers.

1. Daraz. pk

The market leader of ecommerce in Pakistan is without a doubt Daraz. pk. It has maximized its reach and enhanced brand recognition over time by making smart marketing and collaboration decisions. It is currently not only the most well-known online shop but also a well-known brand.

Numbers don’t lie, and Daraz. pk takes the top spot in our rankings with 9.3 million unique visits per month. Daraz. pk boasts an average visit time of 5 minutes, and 6 seconds, in part due to its user-friendly and captivating website design. On average, a visitor to the e-commerce site views 4.48 product pages.


Although isn’t a retailer in the traditional sense, it does contain thousands of sellers who provide the user with a wide range of goods. It’s somewhat remarkable that is still Pakistan’s second-most popular e-commerce site despite having so many unhappy customers. Every month, 1.1 million secret users visit it. recently bought, and according to reports, Kaymu will shortly shut down its website and direct all users to Daraz, further consolidating its position as the market leader.

According to the breakdown above, search engines are the main way that people access Its user base is made up of about 64% of users who find it from random product searches on Google and other search engines. is the source of about 10% of its visits (or 80% of all referrals).

3. has been a seasoned and established competitor in the e-commerce business for a very long time, yet despite its lengthy history, it only ranks a distant third with 886,670 views each month., with its extensive industry knowledge and respectable user base, might have achieved much more with some marketing and brand promotion.

As can be seen from the traffic breakdown above, search engines are the main source of unique visitors for An average user views 3.34 pages during a visit, which lasts an average of 3 minutes and 34 seconds (Shadman, 2017)

HomeShopping must aggressively market its brand to capitalize on its large range of products if it hopes to expand. The current website design has to be improved as it is not intuitive enough to keep users for very long.

4. has been active in the e-commerce sector for a long time. Despite having a very good assortment of products, the company is best recognized for its Chinese electronics and accessories. ranks fourth with 570,000 monthly views.

The online store does not market its brand, as evidenced by the traffic breakdown. Nearly 70% of their user base is derived from natural search phrases. is frequently visited by Pakistanis looking for unusual gadgets. However, a sizable proportion of users come via social media to the online store.

5. Shophive

One of the first online stores in the nation is It places relatively low in the rankings at fifth. Despite having a significant market advantage, players who entered the market a few years later overtook ShopHive to claim the top spot. 483,330 unique people visit the store each month.

The breakdown of traffic reveals that ShopHive has not done any marketing. More than 75% of its visitors originate from natural search phrases. It still tends to avoid engaging in any sort of brand promotion. The online business is well renowned for selling high-end devices that are frequently unavailable at other stores.

However, a well-designed website may keep visitors on ShopHive for an average of 4 minutes, and 35 seconds per visit. Additionally, users typically view 4.67 pages or more before abandoning their purchasing carts.

6. Fiverr 

Fiverr is a website where you can showcase your skills and make money online. It enables independent contractors to market their services globally and make money. In Pakistan, Fiverr is the most popular website for making money online. If your talents are strong, all you need to do is create a professional profile on Fiverr, launch a gig, and begin contacting potential clients. There are over 300 categories on Fiverr where you can leverage your abilities to make money online including academic help providers, and as BAW (2022) mentioned that academic support services ensure that students don’t lose grades for missing deadlines.

Fiverr is one of the best freelance websites in Pakistan. One can earn money online in Pakistan by typing and performing a variety of other online chores, but Fiverr also allows you to purchase services. It has been claimed that numerous businesses, both online and offline, use Fiverr freelancers’ services.


Although is almost as old as ShopHive, it only ranks seventh with 396,670 monthly views due to inadequate marketing.

Traffic statistics demonstrate that is not even attempting to broaden its audience. Referrals, advertising, email newsletters, and social media presence are all quite scarce. Few individuals go to the website directly.


Despite having a very well-known name, Telemart has not been able to gain any traction. Since quite some time has passed, the design has not changed, and there is no promotion. It receives 276,670 unique views per month and ranks ninth.

The breakdown reveals that the user base of Telemart is made up of regular visits, referrals, users of search engines, and users of social media. Due to less marketing, the majority of people now access the website directly or through Google brand searches. Given the dedicated customer base and brand recognition, Telemart might achieve considerably more success with the right marketing plan.


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