YPhone Toy Phone for Kids (Review)

This year’s trend among children is the YPhone toy phone! Yphone is the first expert take on an ordinary smartphone, and given the phone’s characteristics, it has become a popular present option among parents.

Children always mimic their parents, and if they see you talking on the phone, they will want a toy phone as well. However, giving a phone to a child is not an option because they are costly and could expose them to possibly hazardous content on the internet. This is where the YPhone enters the picture.

Toy phones have since outgrown their role as playthings and are now considerably more sophisticated at keeping busy kids entertained.

What Is the Appeal of the YPhone?

YPhone is a little play phone for children. These miniature phones are ideal for toddlers and children. This phantom car is sure to captivate and fascinate children and newborns.

Excellent Construction:

The phone’s front side resembles a mobile phone, including buttons for all the numbers, colors, and so on. For the kids, the toy phone has a teddy bear with a heart picture on the back. To fascinate children, many designs and cartoon characters in various models are available.

Buttons: It can accomplish a lot because the buttons actually work! When you touch a button, the phone changes its colors to match the music. The YPhone can accomplish more thanks to its functional buttons.


The toy phone offers a variety of songs that help children understand the melody of a song. They are able to sing along with the phone. With a variety of music and melodies, it can keep even the most finicky babies entertained. They will refrain from messing with your phone.


Although the phone’s sides appear to be transparent, they embrace blazing bright lights. The phone glares all around, making it enjoyable for the youngsters to look at and play with. The phone’s realistic and engaging appearance is enhanced by flashing multicolor lights around the edges. Children are drawn to flashing lights, music, and sound effects.


The YPhone is meant to appear to be equipped with a camera. Because of its proper size, it fools children into thinking they have a genuine phone.

Kids are always anxious to learn new shapes, colors, textures, tastes, sounds, and objects around them. The toy phone also helps youngsters improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Specifications for the Yphone

Learning through simulation YPhone is a straightforward toy. It is not a real phone and does not contain any games. The toy phone is 12.5cm (L), 5.8cm (W), and 0.8cm (thick) and easily fits the hands of children. It also boasts a tiny design, a strong chassis, and weighs only 90g. The Yphone is available in black and white.

A power switch, thermal insulation sheet, and Micro USB charging interface are included. The charger recharges the toy phone in 10 to 20 minutes. It also features brightly colored buttons that appeal to children.

Yphone Modes: The phone has eight main tasks and can operate in the following means:

  • Mobile mode
  • Piano mode
  • Color mode
  • Fruit pattern
  • Drum mode
  • Game mode
  • Maths mode
  • Question mode

When you press the switch, the YPhone appears. When youngsters press the button, it speaks something related to the image on it. you press the buttons, the bezel glows. The buttons are not only sensitive, but they also switch between modes. The essence of this toy phone is its question mode. The children can ask questions and get responses.

Buttons That Work:

The ON/OFF switch at the bottom of the phone is simple to use. With the click of a button, you may change the number, colour, fruit, and so on. You may also modify the volume to 5 levels by pushing and holding the button. YPhone includes 10 classic sleeping songs and 20 classic children’s songs for the youngsters.

The toy phone has image-based buttons that aid with comprehension, number and colour recognition, fruit recognition, and so on. It also aids in the development of language abilities. The music option allows kids to sing along with their toy phone.

Safe Materials:

ABS plastic, which is non-toxic and nontoxic, is used to make the toy phone. It is good for children because of its small weight. Toys must be non-toxic and devoid of phthalates when purchased. Look for one made of ABS plastic, which is considered to be devoid of harmful compounds.

YPhone Pros

  • Its attractive style is reminiscent to the Apple iPhone.
  • Colorful, and it increases numerical recognition and listening comprehension.
  • Wonderful flashlights
  • Sound effects that are stimulating
  • Improves babies’ cognitive and motor capabilities.
  • Enters the domain of the imagination
  • It includes a micro USB charger.
  • Attractive and reasonably priced
  • It’s an excellent present.

It is produced by several businesses and sells for roughly $10 on various e-commerce sites, just under the price of the Jio Phone!


You now have a good understanding of the features of the YPhone. It is an excellent tool for keeping small children occupied and teaching them new abilities as they grow. So, what are you holding out for? Get one for your little sweetheart right away.

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